As educators and parents the greatest contribution we can make to our children’s future is to foster in them a character that is confident, compassionate and effective.

If we can do that then we have done as much as we can to assure them happiness and self-fulfillment throughout their lives.


We have developed a series of three children’s books which we believe will be found to be effective tools for this purpose.


Here are a few of the commendations that we have received so far:


Geoff Pevere, Books Columnist for the Toronto Star:

“...these volumes offer practical and profound lessons in living happily and harmoniously, and I think they would be especially useful in any educational context concerned with the building of good character and solid community.” (Read his full commendation.)

B. May, Teacher, Family Studies (Grade 7-8), TDSB:

“Grumps and Sweeties, The Book For Very Special Days and The Happy Camper’s Field Guide are a wonderful series of books that contain valuable lessons relating to character development….

The series covers a range of important issues, and these issues are dealt with and expressed simply and clearly, assisting children to be able to process their deep and important meaning….”

“[This trilogy provides a] set of lessons and guidelines that students can relate to, learn well from, and implement into their daily lives. Lessons that will be of benefit to them for years to come.” (Read her full commendation.)



Dr. Anita K.F. Li, Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology, University of Calgary:

“... these three books provide parents and teachers with useful support resources for developing good character. The stories are engaging to the readers, challenging them to think and reflect on the important concepts involved.” (Read her full commendation.)


Dr. David Hutchison, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Brock University:

“… at the elementary level … teachers could successfully integrate [these books] into the lessons they teach, especially lessons related to social studies that focus on nurturing kind and compassionate children that are respectful of others and attuned to their own goals and abilities in life.” (Read his full commendation.)

Ian & Toby Sutherland


Baby Rowan enjoying Grumps & Sweeties.
Baby Rowan enjoying Grumps & Sweeties.